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סיגריה אלקטרונית חד פעמית - Puff Bar OME
Puff Bar

A disposable cigarette from the Puff Bar company. About 300 inhalations, the leading product in the field in the USA.
A variety of flavors: tobacco, coffee, fruit, menthol and other flavors.

נוזל מילוי - Pod Salt Vanilla
Pod Salt

The Food Salt company that produces nicotine salt liquids is one of the world's leading. A variety of flavors: tobacco, fruit, menthol, desserts, sweets and more flavors.

נוזל מילוי - Nasty Cushman Ome
Nasty Juice

Nasty is one of the leading companies today in the world producing liquids for electronic cigarettes, the company has a variety of series of liquids that are sold all over the world.

Vaporizing cannabis

Many users choose to smoke cannabis and look for good and creative ways to reach a state where smoking will be better and more effective and of course cheaper. Many people are looking to get the most out of cannabis. Today it is known beyond any doubt that in order to enjoy the many benefits that cannabis offers, it is necessary to vaporize it, mainly the people who use vaporizers today are people with medical needs – the right thing to consume cannabis today is to vaporize it and not smoke it in the form of a fire.

Complete kits

The high importance of choosing the right kit for every smoker is a very important thing. You need to make sure exactly what is included in the kit, what is the volume of the filling liquid that the tank offers. The kits are based on the comfort of the user and each person can have the preferences that are suitable for him. You can also find sets for beginners or advanced. You can choose the kit recommended for you, in addition to any question or advice you can contact us on the website or by phone through the contact page, we will be happy to advise and be at your disposal for any question or explanation.

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Neo Air products

Importer of electronic cigarettes

The Now Air company imports electronic cigarettes, refill liquids and related products from the major brands in the market. The products are approved by the FDA, which is the World Health Organization, which carefully tests products and medicines and approves them after they have been found to be normal and not dangerous for humans.

The flavors for our fine refill liquids are among the leading in the world, flavors that are not forgotten after the first taste, and this is thanks to the exact ratio that makes up the taste and smell and simulates smoking a regular cigarette, a huge and renewed variety of exclusive flavors from the Now Air company.

Today, Now Air’s products can be obtained online and improve the quality of life. Our company advocates fast delivery of the products and courteous and efficient service. You are welcome to visit our store page and be impressed by the various products.

Now Air’s website is an online website where you can order the company’s products through a secure credit card purchase.
We will be happy to be at your service at any time by phone 077-8850290 or through an online form.

Evaporation products

What is behind the electronic vaporizers

Due to the high demand for electronic cigarettes around the world and also in Israel, electronic cigarettes are in the process of regulations and standards. An electronic cigarette is similar in shape to a normal cigarette and simulates the act of smoking, the difference is that the electronic one contains liquid nicotine (which when pure is not carcinogenic and is associated with the use of caffeine) that is heated by an electric battery and turns the nicotine into vapor that evaporates the heat.

It should be noted that there are liquids filled with no nicotine at all. This process is called evaporation (evaporation) and is activated by inhaling the cigarette by the user. And so the electric cigarette provides the existing need and pleasure in the habit of smoking as a healthier and more balanced substitute for cigarettes and tobacco.

Q&A about vaping

Vaporizers, such as electronic cigarettes, were created with the aim of making the habit of smoking less harmful with the help of vaporizing a filler liquid that is found in the body of the electronic cigarette that contains a heating element that creates the vaporization of the liquid and thus simulates the smoking experience.

Before choosing a vaporizer it is important to understand what our goal is. Are we looking for the experience of smoking a cigarette or the experience of smoking a hookah?

DL inhalation type vaporizers – simulates the hookah smoking experience.

MTL inhalation type vaporizers – simulates the experience of smoking a cigarette.

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