2000 mg


  • Concentration: 2000 mg
  • Volume: 30 ml
  • Manufacturer: HAPPY GARDEN

CBG&CBD oil is suitable for people who suffer from various mild and serious diseases and want to feel quick relief and enjoy the many benefits that the product has to offer.



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How to consume 2,000mg CBG&CBD oil?

Are you one of those who drip oil directly on the tongue? We recommend avoiding it. Why? Because in the mouth there are bacteria and other pollutants that can stick to the dropper and transfer to the bottle when it is closed. Therefore, it is recommended to consume the substance with a spoon, place it under the tongue, and wait about a minute until the CBG is absorbed in the mouth.

Why exactly under the tongue and not above it? Because in the area under the tongue there is a high concentration of blood capillaries and mucous membranes, which allows full and rapid absorption of the oil into the blood.

What else is important to know?

The best time to consume the CBG&CBD oil is during the day with a priority on the morning. If you start the day with it, try not to eat, not drink coffee and not smoke for about half an hour after consumption. If you prefer to use the oil before bed, try to avoid brushing your teeth so as not to damage its effect.

Who is 2,000mg CBG&CBD oil suitable for?

2,000mg CBG&CBD oil is especially suitable for experienced consumers but also beneficial for inexperienced users who suffer from chronic diseases or medical complications. The high concentration will help you deal with a series of symptoms, and will relieve you in a short time.

How much to consume?

2,000mg CBG&CBD oil is a strong and powerful oil intended for consumers who have experience using the active ingredient. If you have so far consumed 1,000mg CBG&CBD oil, start with half the recommended amount and increase the dose gradually. If you are inexperienced, try to limit the use to 15-20 drops a day until the body gets used to it. Only then will you know what the right dose is for you. Like any nutritional supplement or medicine, CBD oil also affects each consumer differently, so it is important to be attentive to the body. And if we are talking about the body – pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to consult with their doctor or nurse before consuming the oil.

Did you drip too much?

Don’t worry, 2,000mg CBG oil won’t get you high, won’t cause addiction and won’t cause side effects. This is a legal substance that is in no way a drug.

When will the effect start?

Like anything natural that is put into the body, the effect is not immediate but in the case of CBG, it is faster than other active ingredients found in the cannabis plant. Our customers say that it is a matter of hours until they feel significant relief.

The important notes:

– Drip on a spoon and put under the tongue. Wait about a minute until the substance is absorbed

– Start with a low dose of up to 8 drops a day to get used to it

– limit consumption to 20 drops per day if you are inexperienced

– Avoid eating, drinking, and smoking half an hour after consumption

– Consult a doctor or nurse if you are pregnant or breastfeeding

– Stay calm if you have taken an unusual dose

Happy Garden’s 2,000mg CBG&CBD oil has many benefits:

– It is easy and convenient to use, and it has no aftertaste

– It is produced from natural materials and is not genetically modified

– It comes with an external and independent laboratory report

– It is quickly absorbed into the blood system

– It is legal and non-addictive

– Studies show that it can reduce inflammation, treat glaucoma, relieve Huntington’s disease, and even delay the rate of development of various types of cancer.


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