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Turns any water pipe into a vaporizer

Vaporizer for cannabis – Atmos THE SWISS

  • Dimensions: 14mm
  • Degree range: 40–210°C
  • Materials to use: Cannabis flowers
  • Battery: 1500mAh
  • Also suitable for cannabis oil
  • Connects to a smoking device
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Cannabis vaporizer – Atmos THE SWISS – connects to a smoking device

THE SWISS vaporizer is the culmination of years of effort and product design with one goal in mind
To create one of the most versatile and multi-purpose vaporizers of the highest quality in the world. The perfect combination of quality components,
Compatibility with a wide variety of heating chambers like Greedy and studio rig solderless atomizers and seemingly endless uses.
THE SWISS is intended to be used primarily as a rig insert and is compatible with most standard pipe sizes.
This is made possible thanks to the unique dedicated airflow duct that provides both traditional and reverse airflow during use.
This tube can also be removed for cleaning. THE SWISS is equipped with a silicone bracket and a funnel, which allows for quick filling during use.
The design of THE SWISS makes it ideal for using glass rigs,
It can also be used as a portable vaporizer with the Studio Rig ceramic chamber (not included).
As a portable vaporizer, THE SWISS features a splash-proof glass nozzle, our patented spring connection,
Manual operating mode, preheat function, and an elegant bottom bracket that doubles as a container for dry herbs and your wax products.
THE SWISS is built to survive with high-quality assembly engineering and a durable body
Scratches to keep it looking new even after long periods of use.
Take control of your vaping experience with THE SWISS, and use a true multi-purpose vaporizer that can satisfy all your needs.

THE SWISS is built to work with most of the 510 heating cartridges and atomizers on the market, and that includes the Studio Rig, Greedy, and many other atomizers old and new.

However, you can also remove the connection of THE SWISS’s heating chamber completely, and connect the Studio Rig’s heating,

For use as a desktop vaporizer, or even the Q3 Triple Quartz Rod atomizer and the filter of the Q3, for its water filtration system!

Whether you’re putting the device on display or using it as a desktop rig, THE SWISS stand is the perfect event accessory.

It is equipped with silicone suitable for 24mm and 22mm batteries, making it a great accessory for your THE SWISS vaporizer as well as your regular mods.

One of the most convenient features of THE SWISS is the unique design of the silicone bracket and its funnel, which allows quick and easy filling during use as a rig.


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