Sabinetek SmartMike+

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Sabinetek SmartMike+

Advanced wireless microphone

Advanced and extremely compact wireless microphone – weighs only 14 grams.

Connects to any device via Bluetooth.

Excellent for use for shooting videos, vlogs, classes, interviews, and more…

With 4 levels of noise cancellation for clear and clear sound.

In addition, with the free application for Android and Apple devices, you can configure and adjust the device and use the special options that the company offers.

Winner of the 2020 CES Innovation Award.


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The package includes:

  •  SmartMike+ Device
  • Sponge cover for the microphone
  • Wind cover
  • Earpiece
  • Charging cable
  • User manual


The Smallest True Stereo Wireless Microphone

High Fidelity Sound Quality
20Hz-20KHz Full Band Pickup
Real-Time Mixing
Real-Time Monitoring
15g Super Light6 Hrs Battery Life
4 Levels of Noise Reduction15m Transmission Distance

The Smallest True Stereo Wireless Microphone

Only 14g. The Clip-on design makes your hands free and easy to carry around. Just connect your mobile phone with our SmartMike+ via Bluetooth and say goodbye to messy and confusing cables!

Four Levels of Noise Reduction

Use the SmartMike+ APP to adjust the microphone gain and noise reduction grade to get crystal clear sound in a noisy environment.

 (Click here to download SmartMike+ App)

Real-time Monitoring

You can hear your recordings simultaneously to adjust your tone, speed, and intonation.


Powerful SmartMike+ APP

With our free SmartMike+ App with the app, you can create your audio and video everywhere. Tuning, Audio/Video recording, Output Settings, Speech recognition, Subtitle generation, Wireless mixing, etc.

AI Speech Recognition

Recognize over 120 languages and transcribe editable subtitles, easier for post-editing.


With this editable teleprompter function, you don’t need to worry about remembering the long lines.

Wide Versatility

SmartMike+ is suitable for vlog shooting, live streaming, interview, online training, etc.

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