Smok Nord 4 Kit

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Smok Nord 4 Kit

סוללה 2000mAh מובנת

מערכת פוד – סמוק נורד 4 – Smok Nord 4 Kit

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nord 4(80W) is a significant unit framework pack with adaptable abilities, which can give full play to the exhibition

also, benefits of the whole gadget. It has an inherent 2000mAh battery, enough to give a most extreme force of 80

watts. The pack accompanies two 4.5ml nord 4 cases, one with a RPM 2 lattice curl and the other with a RPM

network curl. Plus, two air-bay rings are astutely planned on the highest point of the gadget with the expectation of complimentary change of air consumption.

We assemble this shocker for you, and you make it yours. Advancement continues changing the vaping experience!

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